Hello, I’m “The Famous”, or just Famous,

       I'm from the Seattle area and I've traveled a lot back in my hay days of being a "Pro" Laser Tag player, I have been to many states and countries inside and outside of Laser Tag. Originally from Canada, I moved a lot in the states as a kid but ended up in the PNW for most of my life.

       A couple years ago I had an idea of streaming online, I dabbed a bit on the Xbox One just to see what it was all about but nothing serious, though that was before I thought of streaming on a PC. I knew I could stream on PC and I could be successful at it. Of course real life things happened first and the time passed by. At the beginning of 2017 I decided to jump into it I figured I better do it now or never. Though I regret not starting earlier and getting a good jump on twitch, considering there's a lot of people on it now, I'm happy with where I am and where I'm going. I've met a lot of new people that I probably would have never met and I love working in this industry. I've always felt I'm destined for greater things, I've always seemed to be second fiddle to others though I have all the same skills or even better ones. I hope to get the chance to break out here on twitch or in the industry. I know I can be a very good streamer or someone note worthy in the gaming industry.

       More about me, I'm the person who likes to talk about random subjects while play games with people. I'm authentic, genuine and real. I feel responsible to use common sense, always do the right thing and be an overall good role model. I got my name from playing "pro" Laser Tag a few years back. The name came from Travis Barkers clothing line "Famous Stars and Straps." In no way do I mean it as having fame or a high status. I'm humble and I stream part time for the fun of meeting new people. I started as "streaming on a budget" Ask me about my setup and how I saved, especially just starting out you can't always roll out with a 10k right away. With the growth of the channel I was able to get the necessary upgrades for a high quality stream. I plan to play the new games we like and those old school nostalgia games. In short a vareity streamer who mainly plays FPS, open world games, action and city building. As I grow ill always remember those who were with me from the beginning. My goal is to be a good role model for twitch and any companies that have me as a partner. Id like to have a few industry friends that can collaborate and stream together. I did start out as ImTheFamous, and that name holds a lot of meaning, but with the opportunity I was able to grab the shorter version of "TheFamous"

     I'm part of a few teams here on twitch but mainly apart of the Project Kindness,The Storm, LT3 and SOBA team which is Twitch sponsored for local PNW streamers, Id love to join a stream team in the likes of N3RDFUSION or another great team. I inspire to be successful with high quality content but the ones that inspire me most, which are a few of my faves, are Giantwaffle, Lirik and Shortyyguy as well as many more.

    Any viewership support is greatly appreciated!(i.e. hosts, auto-hosts, word of mouth, lurks and being chat active) Lets get partnered with great people and twitch is obviously a huge goal. I'm grateful for my viewers and other supporters! Even the top had to start somewhere. 

     Why work with me? Are you looking for someone energetic? Someone with a high quality and a top notch setup? Or even someone that can represent your company in the highest regards? A partnership with anyone or a company is very important to me. I'm loyal and easy to work with. I'd strive to be the best role model and create a sense of worth for the product or service. As the channel and my brand grows it would be an honor to work with companies or people that are willing to give me a shot. Working with anyone that could help me grow while I create great content is an awesome plus. Sometimes all it takes is a shout out on twitter. To some it up your brand,service and/or products are in good hands. With my marketable name, great attitude and superb content we can take the market by storm! I strive to be a good role model or in other-words the next “face of Twitch.” . Lets work together!